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Asking these questions?

"What's a usual service like?" 
Our worship includes prayer, sung worship, time to interact, a sermon, the sacrament of Eucharist, among other things. It can also include more liturgical elements like group readings or responses. Don't worry, there's nothing you need to know in advance! Our music also includes the most recent worship songs as well as some written hundreds of years ago. The worship band uses a keyboard, guitar, and cajon, with some other instruments on occasion. Coffee is on offer before service, and it's not uncommon to see folks grabbing a refill during the passing of the peace or during the sermon, which might include some group discussion. 

A typical order of service may look like this: 
Call to Worship- a short reading or video gathering us together and inviting us to participate. 
2 Worship Songs
Passing of the Peace- we say, "Peace be with you," and respond, "and also with you." This is an intentional time to communicate welcome and love to one another. 
2 Worship Songs 
Prayer- Some people gather up front, and some stay seated, as we take requests and praises and pray for one another

"What about the kids?"
For our young ones, we have a great, supervised nursery facility. 
For kids who are older, when they aren't in service, they leave during the sermon for their own lesson and rejoin the rest of us to receive communion. We always try to involve them in the worship service as often as we can. Church is for them as well, and we believe worshipping with the full family of God teaches us a lot about making room and welcoming all. 

"What do people usually wear?" 
"Church clothes" ain't a big deal. You can expect to find a wide variety of ages and styles. Some prefer jeans and flip flops, others prefer slacks and dress shoes. Whatever your personal style or preference you are welcome here. 

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