"Let the Church of the Nazarene be true to its commission; not great and elegant buildings; but to feed the hungry and clothe the naked and wipe away the tears of sorrowing, and gather jewels for His diadem. Our church is a missionary church. It knows no difference between home and foreign fields – in these days all fields are near. We were convinced that houses of worship should be plain and cheap, to save from financial burdens, and that everything should say welcome to the poor…We went in poverty, to give ourselves – and what God might give us – determined to forego provision for the future and old age, in order to see the salvation of God while we were yet here…We would be glad to do much more, yet hundreds of dollars have gone to the poor, with loving ministry of every kind, and with it a way has been opened up to the hearts of men and women, that has been unutterable joy. The gospel comes to a multitude without money and without price, and the poorest of the poor are entitled to a front seat at the Church of the Nazarene." 
-Phineas F. Bresee

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About Us

We are an eclectic Christian community of faith in Aiken. Founded in 2009, we have recently relocated to our current location at 1031 Richland Ave. W to better serve our community as good neighbors. With active children, youth, and adults, we are committed to be a welcoming place for anyone. We endeavor to be an ever-more hospitable people.

We would love to have you join us for worship or in service to the community as we seek to live as Jesus Christ in the world, loving others sacrificially with lives shaped by grace and peace.

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About the Church of the Nazarene

Our Roots

The Church of the Nazarene is an international denomination of 2.5 million members, about one-fourth of whom live in the United States. The largest of the churches that originated out of the American holiness revival of the 19th century, it was organized in 1908 through the merger of three regional holiness bodies. It is Wesleyan in doctrine and related theologically to the Free Methodists, the Wesleyans, the Salvation Army, and traditionalist sectors of the United Methodist Church. 

The Church of the Nazarene is an orthodox Protestant body that adheres to the ecumenical creeds of the early Christian church. The theology of  Methodist founder John Wesley (1703-91), who integrated the Protestant  understanding of grace with the Catholic themes of holiness and love, is foundational for Nazarene doctrine. Discipleship is a prominent concern. 

Outside the denominational line, Nazarenes have been active as well. Nazarene colleges have educated a number of leaders in the field of relief work, including the founders of World Vision and World Neighbors, and past presidents and executive directors of the American Red Cross, Church World Service, and Compassion International.